Terms of Service

Agreement for web hosting with We Connect Nordic AB:

    The fee for the service is paid according to the current price list for the specified
    service at the order date.
    The fee is always paid in advance and is payable annually or every 3
    months depending on the invoice specification.
    Payment must be made within 10 days from the invoice date. If the customer does not
    make payment for invoiced fees within 10 days after a
    specific request to the customer, the matter will be immediately handed over to collection, and
    the subscription will be terminated. We Connect Nordic AB has the right to change the fees with
    three (3) months' notice. If a price increase occurs in the middle of a subscription period,
    the price change does not affect the customer until the start of the new period.
    If there is a price decrease during a period, no difference in
    the fee will be refunded.

    Term of Agreement
    The agreement runs for 12 months or 3 months depending on the invoice specification
    and is automatically extended by 12 months or 3 months depending on the invoice
    specification at the end of the agreement period in case of no termination.
    The customer can terminate the agreement at any time, but no later than 1 month before the start of a new period.
    If termination occurs after the commencement of a new 12-month period, no refund will be made
    of the basic fee for the current year or 12-month period.
    Termination of the agreement must be made in writing and can be done by mail
    or email to info@weconnect.se. The termination must include
    the account name + password for the web account (website), customer number, and invoice
    We verify the termination against the above-mentioned information.

    Change of Terms
    These terms are valid indefinitely. We Connect Nordic AB has the right to change
    the terms only if notification has been given at least three (1) months in advance.
    If a change according to the above is significantly disadvantageous for the customer, the customer
    has the right to terminate the service in writing during the current contract period
    with effect from the date of the change and receives a refund for
    the remaining months. Such termination can only be made until the day
    the new terms come into effect and must be in writing.

    Transfer of Subscription
    The agreement may not be transferred without written permission from We Connect Nordic AB.

    Termination of Subscription
    We Connect Nordic AB has the right to terminate an agreement with immediate effect
    without any refund obligation if the customer uses the service in an
    improper manner.
    Improper usage includes but is not limited to the following:
    * Improper is the dissemination of illegal, unethical, racist, and
    pornographic information through own websites.
    * Improper is also using the service for illegal activities on
    the Internet or interconnected networks.
    * Improper is also harassing individuals or
    companies and organizations through the service.
    * Improper is also using server software, e.g., eggdrops
    and own servers.
    * Improper is also having programs active on our servers when the customer
    is not logged in.
    * Improper is also intentional actions that negatively affect
    We Connect Nordic AB's system or other users or the Internet itself.
    We Connect Nordic AB reserves the right to decline a service application.

    Limitation of We Connect Nordic AB's Liability
    In the event of technical faults or deficiencies at We Connect Nordic AB, We Connect Nordic AB reduces the price in relation to the limitations that have occurred.
    We Connect Nordic AB reserves the right to determine whether
    a price reduction should be made and the level of this reduction.
    We Connect Nordic AB's liability is limited to the price reduction.
    We Connect Nordic AB is not responsible for damage caused by
    technical faults or deficiencies in anyone other than We Connect Nordic AB.
    We Connect Nordic AB is not responsible for economic damage caused by
    technical faults or limitations.
    Price reduction does not apply in case of interruptions that occur during
    any upgrades of the system that improve the service for the customer.

    The customer agrees that We Connect Nordic AB measures traffic (transferred data volume) for
    the customer's account. If We Connect Nordic AB considers that, according to the current price list for
    traffic volume, the amount of traffic is significant enough to warrant a traffic fee, the customer will be
    invoiced additionally for traffic. We Connect Nordic AB always informs the customer
    before any additional invoicing takes place.

    It is not allowed to send mass emails to recipients who have not
    approved this. If the customer has purchased the service from a third party, the third party
    and the customer must ensure that there is an opt-out from the email list.

    Customer's Responsibility
    The customer is responsible for the content of the customer's correspondence, the customer's posts in
    news meetings, the content of the customer's websites, or other activities that
    the customer performs on the Internet or in systems connected to the Internet.

    We Connect Nordic AB is not responsible for any deficiencies and
    limitations in software that we provide on our website.
    We Connect Nordic AB is not responsible for any errors that occur on
    the customer's computer during the installation of distributed software. It is the customer's
    responsibility to register any shareware versions of distributed

    Upgrade / Security Updates
    We Connect Nordic AB always decides how and when security updates should be made.
    We reserve the right to disable certain features that may contain
    security bugs or similar until we have been able to upgrade / fix the issue.

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